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brutalized." (, October 28, 2015▓)VI. Gross Violations of Human Rights ▓in Other CountriesIn 2015, the United States continu▓ed to trample on human rights in other countries, ca▓using tremendous civilian casualties. Its overseas monitoring projects infringed on the privacy of citizens of other countries while torture scandals at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp continued. Up to date, the United States has not▓ ratified some core human rights conven▓tions of the United Nations and voted against some important human rights resolutions.Air strikes caused a large number of civilian

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casualties. Accordin▓g to Airwars, a project aimed at trac▓king air strikes in the Middle East, the United States had repeatedly organized coalition forces to▓ launch air strikes against military forces in I▓raq and Syria since August 8, 2014. As of December 6, 2015, the United States launched 3,965 air strikes in Iraq and 2,823 in Syria, causing an esti▓mated number of civilian deaths between 1,695 and 2,239 ( The Syrian government called ▓U.S.-led coalition air strikes an "act ▓of aggression" (, December 7, 2015). On October 3, 2015, a hospital ru

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n by aid group "Doctors Without Borders" in the city of Kunduz in Afghanistan was under a bombing that continued for half an hour. Many patients who were unable to move were killed on site, while some staff of the aid group were shot at from the air while fleeing the hospital. A total▓ of 42 people were killed in the air strike, with some bodies charred beyond recognition (www.sputniknews.▓com, December 12, 2015;, October 5, 2015).A frequent use of drones claimed many i▓nnocent lives. According to an October 15, 2015 r▓eport run by Daily Mail website, when carrying o

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